Konzert: The Velveteins

Konzert: The Velveteins
Samstag | 16. Februar 2019 | 21:00 Uhr

The Velveteins, Edmonton, Canada

SWAMP, Talstr. 90

Upon the release of their first full-length EP Slow Wave,
the Velveteins from Edmonton, Canada, are now touring
through various clubs in Germany and Switzerland.
Their song Daydream from their new album was recently
featured in the hit Netflix movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved
Before, praised by critics and audiences alike for its great
soundtrack. Exclaim! Magazine recently described the
Canadian trio’s sound as “a collision of the Kinks and
the Libertines, rollicking garage, moody surf [and] pop
classicism with a rough edge.” Frontman Spencer Morphy’s
vocals explore themes of daydreaming and longing,
accompanied by smooth melodies and dreamy synths with
a groovy twist, reminiscent of sixties pop-rock.

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